A little about me

Like most writers I’ve always loved to read. Losing yourself in a story and being transported into another world is one of life’s great pleasures. My non-reader (gasp!) husband cannot understand how it is possible to become so enthralled in the lives of fictional characters, but a well written story brings characters to life, and within a few pages you can be hooked.

I had always assumed one day I’d write a book. In 2017 I finally woke up to the fact this book wasn’t going to write itself and if I wanted to write a book I’d better actually, you know, start writing. So began my writing journey. I became a member of the Queensland Writers Centre and took a few courses.

May 2018 and my first draft of (working title) The Feminist’s Daughter had been completed by writing on my commute to work and stealing time in the evenings and weekends when I wasn’t on Mum duty to two pre-school kids.

Writing this first manuscript has taught me so much, and I know I’m about to learn even more as I embark on the real work of revising, and daring to show my story to others for feedback.

My goal was to complete a manuscript, my dream is to get published. This website is my own story of my road to publication (see how optimistic I’m being?) and I hope it encourages you in some small way with your own writing.